Appearances in Supreme Suffolk, Riverhead $90.00
James D. Moran Esq. 
Dont' be a No Show .....
James D. Moran Esq. 
Dont' be a No Show .....
Reasonable & Reliable
I don't discourage good old fashioned telephone conversation. In fact sometimes it's just necessary. Feel free to follow up your request with a phone call.  Deal directly with the attorney who will cover your case.

There  many per diem services who are advertising for your business but you may find thatthey avoid direct personal communication with you.   Why is this? Who is appearing on your behalf ? Hiring a freshly admitted grad to handle coverages often means  that you are paying for someone to sign in and agree to what the opposing counsel or judge have planned.  I have 10 + years of litigation experience and intend to work on your case on the day of coverage...I will argue for or against motions or stips  which favor your client as I do on my  own cases.
Use the convenient fax / e-mail order form to submit your coverage request or call and speak directly to James Moran (631) 208-8808
Our Law office is conveniently located at 125 Ronaoke Ave Riverhead NY 11901 so there is no extra charge for appearances in Suffolk Supreme ,late afternoon appearances or last minute requests! In fact, there are never any riduculous premium fees!
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